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Rewrite the new glass materials of history

"The history of the new glass materials depend on import in China, is about to be rewritten." Deputy to the National People's Congress on March 11, clark liu in an interview with reporters, revealed the exciting news.

Glass is the information of new materials, new energy and other strategic emerging industries the key core material, the world market more than 1 trillion yuan.

In the process of research, clark liu learned that on the glass of the new material technology development in our country is very backward. Laboratory scale is small, scattered research funding, a lack of research personnel. The country's main research funding is not early in the project, but mainly concentrated in the project after industrialization, the effect is not ideal, research funding is not really applied in technology development, utilization rate is not high. Talents cultivation level is relatively low. Technology backward situation and the lack of talent to make our country in waste huge glass in the process of the industrialization of new materials, the entire glass behind new material industry, about 70% of the profits by foreign companies. According to statistics, China's super thin electronic glass source slice all rely on imports from countries such as us, Japan, some domestic enterprises just be cheap processing. Subject to foreign countries, the industry as a whole new glass materials directly hindered the development of information industry in China.

A pure chance, clark liu with the our country famous member of powder metallurgy and new materials research experts bo-yun huang. Yellow academicians to he introduces China's independent research and development of flat-panel display super thin plate glass technology, the technology has matured in the laboratory, and products are looking for transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

With the support of bo-yun huang academicians, clark liu represent lead his team, joined the long monopolized by foreign glass project development and manufacture of new materials. In August 2012, as the national five-year plan key support of the information industry project, the first domestic flat-panel display ultra-thin glass project in shaoyang based, this year will be completed and put into operation.

Clark liu representative on the national two sessions this year, bringing the Suggestions for establishing strategic emerging industries national innovation platform. He believes that the key of the strategic emerging industry core competitiveness, is to build a strategic emerging industries national innovation platform. With support from the state of the guide are suggested to create "industrialization of basic research and engineering technology -" a complete innovation chain, realize the technology innovation and implementation of engineering application technology development and industrialization, establishing independent intellectual property rights. To intensify national channel funds to support, priority support enterprises in the field of strategic emerging industries in small and medium-sized enterprise board and gem listing, encourage enterprises to carry on equity, options and high-level technical personnel long-term incentive measures.