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Glass bottle packaging cater to new technology actively

Plastic bottles on the plasticity of materials tend to be more strong, this makes a lot of new technology application in plastic packing much convenience in glass bottles, so we will find that although glass bottle packing has a long history, but has been changed, the packaging innovation is not strong, the above variety of plastic bottle for its won the more market order.

On the glass bottle to do some new improvements and try to do need to devote more energy and money than plastic. Plastic bottles of label technology, for example, not applied on the glass. In fact of label can show information extension glass bottle packaging, can make glass containers can be improved in terms of publicity and beautiful. But to use of label on the bottle, there is certain difficulty. So the glass bottle can only use the technology to realize such as spraying. For glass bottles of this problem, we believe that only from the glass factory constantly working to improve the product itself, to cater to the market change of new technology, can better integrate into the market.

For consumers, only glass bottles improvement can make the packaging industry in a healthy competition, win more opportunities.