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Glass processing industry for the future development tendency

Glass secondary products deep processing of glass, it is to use a shape of flat glass, float glass, ordinary flat glass, between glass, rolled glass upward) as the basic raw material, according to the demands of different processing technology made of glass products with specific functions. Relative to a glass products, mainly has the following features:

Improve the strength of glass, the glass security in recent years, people in order to change the toughened glass fragments too small when the crack phenomenon, something called heat strengthened glass (half) toughened glass of new products. Because the product is not easy to blow itself up, more suitable for large size glass curtain wall.

Laminated glass: it is composed of two or more than two pieces of glass is made of synthetic resin bonded together and a kind of safety glass. When it broken pieces not flying. Laminated glass production with dry and wet two forms, but the dry process production is the mainstream. Laminated glass products of China, as developed by the institute of building materials.

Many different kinds of sandwich glass, but mainly PVB film laminated glass, with solid sodium silicate hydrate expansion layer as the fire the middle tier of flameproof glass, EN one-step sandwich glass vacuum film for the middle tier. Vacuum one-step method can produce common safety glass, laminated glass not only can produce with decorations and decorative laminated glass. Light color decorative laminated glass has recently appeared.

Film glass: film glass is in flat glass surface as a kind of multilayer polyester film, in order to improve the performance of glass and intensity, make its have heat preservation, heat insulation, explosion-proof, uv protection, beautify the appearance, security, etc. At present is mainly used in automobiles and building doors and Windows, partition ceiling, etc. The film glass according to different membrane materials, can produce different effects. For example, different colors, photochromic, conductive, heating and so on.

Change the geometry of a flat glass is well known, flat glass is generally level off is smooth, but in use, people tend to need some glass has a curve or surface. It's need to change the geometry shape of flat glass. At present main products are circular arc bending glass, glass fruit bowl, glass pot, etc., but their forming mechanism are roughly the same.

Circular arc bending glass, also known as hot bending glass, arc bending glass, belongs to secondary heating glass to close to softening temperature, according to the need, the bending deformation. According to the degree of bending is divided into shallow bending and deep. Shallow bending for building more play, automobile, ship windshield glass, glass furniture decoration series, such as TV cabinet), wine cabinet, tea table, etc.; And deep bending can be widely used in horizontal freezers, display counters, sightseeing elevator corridor, glass ceiling, ornamental aquatic animals box, etc. If at the same time of hot bending of steel processing is hot bending toughened glass, glass cover belongs to this. Now some curved glass curtain wall in order to ensure the safety, use hot bending toughened glass more.

Surface treatment of glass surface treatment includes two aspects: on the one hand is a glass surface, the use of physical or chemical methods on the glass surface to produce different decorative pattern and design; On the other hand is carried out on the glass surface plating processing.

Polishing glass: before in float glass, glass polishing is needed to achieve the goal of two parallel to the surface is completely. Is to use emery, silica sand and other abrasive polishing glass for ordinary flat glass or two rolled glass surface after grinding of flat, with a pretty, tin oxide and felt polishing.

Designed and manufactured by China's first 1958 reciprocating grinder in Shanghai yao hua glass factory is built, to adapt to the tempered, laminated glass, the glass surface roughness requirements. Luoyang glass factory in 1970 from Germany introduced a calender line matching with continuous single glazing unit.

The birth of float glass to replace the polished glass.

Also known as painting glass, coloured drawing or pattern glass, coloured drawing or pattern glass is a kind of can provide color art of pervious to light material for doors and Windows. General is in a special glaze on the glass after drawing graphics barbecuing, fired or decal on the glass to make production methods are a bit like ceramic.

Gush arenaceous glass and etched glass, is made of 4-7 kg/Cm2 high pressure air injection to the glass surface, such as silicon carbide particles make glass surface produce sand mark, it can be carved lines, words, and all sorts of design, preparation of parts with a rubber cover as a protective film, paper and other materials. If the gush arenaceous glass (all sandblasting), on the basis of further pickled sintering, get rough etched glass, also called ice glass.

Color glazed glass: color glazed glass is on the side of flat glass sintering inorganic pigments, after heat treatment and an opaque color made of glass. According to the different paint, can produce different colour glazed glass effect. A single color can be used for doors and Windows, colorful glaze glass (also called granite or marble glass) can be used for wall or floor.

Carving glass: human beings have long used manual method on the glass carved beautiful patterns, is now using computer numerical control technology automatically cut with high-grade decorative glass machining all kinds of places.

The above is the first on the one hand on the glass surface treatment, the use of physical or chemical change of the surface gloss of the or scale design. Glass surface treatment of the second aspect is: with flat glass as substrate, the surface layer on layer or one multilayer metal or nonmetal material, coating change the nature of the original glass surface layer of surface coating modification technology.

Coated glass: since 1835, after a manual plating silver mirror method, the 20th century have invented all kinds of physical (vacuum coating, magnetron sputtering, etc.), chemical hydrolysis (deposition, pyrolysis deposition, etc.) or physical - chemical coating method, 60 s industrialization, the rapid development of the nineties, now can produce dozens of distinctive features of processed products. Such as silicon, aluminum plating, silver plated mirror glass, heat reflection film coated glass, coated glass low radiation. Uv coated glass, preventing electromagnetic membrane, waterproof coated glass, coated glass to change color dated substation, the electric light, automatic sterilization glass, self-cleaning glass, etc. Currently has more than 300 various types of coating production lines in China, the formation of annual production capacity of nearly hundred million square meters. Mirror of 45 million square meters and a building, vehicle coating 50 million square meters, 3 million square meters of display panels ITO film.

4 increase insulation function as is known to all, the structure of the doors and Windows are the weak link of the heat preservation and heat insulation, energy saving, the average heat transfer coefficient of the single-layer glass Windows is 6. 0 k. w/M2, in order to meet the needs of heat insulation, sound insulation of Windows, hollow glass arises at the historic moment. And then develop the inflatable hollow glass and glass vacuum.

Hollow glass, is made up of two or more pieces of glass plate, glass plate with heat insulation, sound insulation between the gap. Hollow glass since the early 50 s form small batch production mechanization, is developing very rapidly, in economically developed countries has been widely applied, in addition to used in the building industry, also used in the transport industry and refrigerators. Hollow glass was originally dry air, the gap is multi-purpose thermal efficiency is lower than the air of other gas manufacturing insulating glass. Glass also from a single common plate glass for the development of deep processing of glass, its also the frame from hollow thin aluminum article for the development of rubber insulation, etc. The small batch production began in 1964 with manual method.

Vacuum glass: insulation thermos appeared since 1893, has been studied whether the vacuum technology used in glass, but it was not until 1994 by the Chinese scholars nelsane is professor and professor at the university of Sydney Collins the breakthrough in the manufacture and application. Back plate glass at the end of 1995 the company won the right to use the technology first, has so far for the production line. There is no production of this product in China.

Second, the development direction of Chinese processing glass plate glass deep processing product variety, but includes the following contents: basic mechanical processing products, polishing, sandblasting, or frosted glass, glass, carved glass spraying decoration), heat treatment products (tempered glass, toughened glass, bending glass, glazed glass, coloured drawing or pattern glass), chemical products (chemical, wool surface etched glass, toughened glass, meng glass smooth etched glass), coated glass (heat-absorbing glass, hot glass, reflective glass, low-e glass, rainbow frost prevention glass, uv protection, electromagnetic shielding glass, hate water glass, glass, aluminum mirror, silver mirror glass), cavity glass (ordinary insulating glass. Vacuum glass, plastic hollow glass), laminated glass (PV membrane laminated glass, laminated glass for use EN, decorations sandwich glass, bulletproof glass, pickproof glass, fireproof glass, etc.), film glass, bulletproof glass, laser glass, shading insulating glass, glass decals), colored glass colored glass, diffusion colored glass (radiation), special technology processing glass (laser cut glass, electron beam machining, photochromic glass, electric glass to change color, bactericidal glass, self-cleaning glass, mouldproof deodorant glass). Flat glass deep processing, therefore, not only use a single technology and methods for production, but a variety of comprehensive method of production technology, the application of its products is also more hasten is compound. Such as the sandwich hollow glass. The main direction is:

Plating wax coated glass glass coating material development manufacturing method has the following kinds: roughly vacuum sputtering and chemical deposition, vacuum deposition method, gel immersion silver plating, electroless plating and spraying method, ion plating method, etc. By the influence of different coating material and thickness, layer number, can obtain different colors and different functions of the sun control film, low radiation glass, glass mirror and conductive film glass, and many other products. Besides mirrors in our country, the other coated glass production time late, its technology has a great gap compared with abroad, especially in the coating material gap is even greater development research, has not yet formed the scale of professional products research. As people demand for coated glass a variety of functions, a new coating material development must be coated glass production enterprises with metallurgical industry, chemical industry, invention or find out a more characteristic features of the coating material. Such as TiO2 thin film coating glass can be light catalysis, under the sunlight degradation due to industrial gases in the atmosphere, automobile exhaust and interior decoration material such as formaldehyde emitted by organic pollutants and accumulation on the surface of the glass, cooking oil, liquid organic material such as tar, restrain and kill the microbes in our environment, but also a super hydrophilicity, complete wetting of water, can isolate the glass surface and the adsorption of dust and organic matter, in the wind, rain and water washing and other external force and under the impetus of the adsorbate self-respect, dirt and grease from the glass surface automatically, to achieve the requirements of decontamination and self-cleaning. Apply TiO2 thin film of the autonomous (antifouling) glass, door, window, can be used for building exterior walls, interior walls, doors and Windows of kitchen and bathroom and sanitary ware, especially suitable for hospitals and public facilities of the door, window and wall, etc. In a word, the development of new coating materials research is the key of the new type of coated glass.

Development of laminated glass and its membrane glass diaphragm of diaphragm PVB film since the 1930 s, has always been a good intermediary material of automobile and aircraft windshield. PVB film with special performance: it has to do with inorganic glass has good adhesive power, optical index of the diaphragm is very good, light transmittance over 90%; Its heat resistance, cold resistance, impact resistance and ageing resistance are good; Its refraction coefficient and glass are nearly the same. To date, no other material to replace it. But as a result of laminated glass with PVB film production need autoclave, production process is complicated, so in 1997 the Japanese water chemical industry co., LTD, for the first time in China showed their production of autoclave laminated glass samples, namely EN membrane laminated glass. This kind of laminated glass is mainly used for building and decorative laminated glass.

All kinds of glass and reasonable development of new products are not limited to a combination of functions but combine a variety of functions, through a variety of functions, a reasonable combination of glass, to get the most effective use of resources, meet the different needs of the new product. Such as coating (LowE film) hollow glass with shading, heat preservation, and decorative function, than ordinary insulating glass to save energy by 18%; And as the TuGuang catalytic degradation film glass glass processed into hollow glass, with a common hollow thermal insulation. Sound insulation, eliminate the frost and dew function, but also has the degradation of dirt "self-cleaning" function. Such as silk screen printing and toughened again, made from silk screen printing of toughened glass; Will borrow or electric heat plated glass mirror surface water film and the production of anti-fog glass mirror, etc. Want to have a breakthrough in combination, must take the reverse thinking, be good at learn to use glass defects.

Overall, deep processing of glass production technology is relatively mature in our country's conditions, should step up the combined with a glass (or compound) of the research of modified materials, so that the deep processing of glass products to the multi-functional compound, ecological environment and smart alert direction.