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Old glass bottle recycling

Capped, vinegar bottle, bottle, juice jam jars... Almost every household cleaning, can sort out a lot of the glass bottle. And lives in fushan Liu Dama after recently very upset, she at home to pick up out of a dozen capped glass bottles, such as each wash well expect to sell a good price, the results have called three scrap buyers are rejected, gratis don't, she had to be discarded. Reporter yesterday interview found that due to time consuming didn't profit, waste glass has become a forgotten in the renewable resources recycling system of varieties, in addition to the individual beer bottle recycling, Qingdao few waste acquisition of old glass bottles.

Glass bottle nobody want

"These bottles are fine, throw away what a pity." Yesterday morning, in zhejiang road beside a garbage can, Zhu Dama capped, vinegar bottle in a throw home a little loathe to give up. Zhu Dama said, they live together in a family of six, capped and vinegar bottle will the remaining four or five each month, one year is up to 50, because many glass bottles used up all brand new, so had to throw away, Zhu Dama and his wife felt a little pity. "Don't recyclers, gratis don't."

For waste glass bottle, no one is taking Hong Kong road cleaners Wei Dashu think too waste. Bottle now no one is taking, the an is responsible for the road one day can pick up at least YiLiangBaiGe glass bottle, the bottle is mostly fine."

Often in zhongshan road to buy scrap jianhua said that at present only a few beer brewery will be recycled, they come to purchase price of 0.15 yuan/a, and capped, vinegar bottle, jar, condiment bottles, such as don't accept, because the dealer simply do not, most citizens are will waste glass bottles into the trash can.

Reporters yesterday the city several junkyard, liquor, four goods, condiments, beer cans is the main part of the glass packaging waste in our country, the current recovery after repeated use of the main is given priority to with beer bottles.

Due to difficult glass bottles, eventually can only be thrown away. According to statistics, China's urban waste glass products each year more than 7 million tons, accounting for 3% ~ 5% of the total municipal waste. At present, the recovery of the waste glass all over the world average level is close to 50%, 84% in Taiwan area, Germany's recovery is as high as 97%, and the recovery rate is only 13%.

Glass bottle recycling price less than 1 minute

Just have the recycling of waste glass bottles? Reporter found online retrieval, jiangsu full glass products co., LTD., some companies such as recycle glass bottles, but it must be transparent glass, colored shall not be recycled, and the price is low, the seller delivered the glass bottle factory, 1 ton glass bottle offered 460 dollars to the highest.

Jiangsu, full of beautiful glass products co., LTD. The manager said a capped between 400 grams to 500 grams, the weight of the rough calculation, 1 tons of glass bottles is equivalent to 5000 bottles, calculated according to 460 yuan 1 ton, on average every glass bottle recycling price less than 1 minute. (ZhuanZaiZhe note: sic, calculate wrong)

Waste glass encounter difficult, there is another important reason, is to produce new products are much lower than the cost recycling. A glass production factory in jiangsu Liu Changchang said, now the factory high mechanization degree, directly produce new glass bottle recycling of waste glass rework glass bottle costs are low, which is the main reason for the glass manufacturer to recycle glass bottles less motivated.

Reporters learned that the Qingdao no glass bottle recycling enterprises above designated size, while in Shanghai, shenzhen and other places have a special recycling companies, recycling economic value is very low, but the old glass transport logistics costs for different recycling virtually impossible. Municipal public bureau of environmental protection department staff said that the current domestic there is no unified standard about recycling glass, glass recycling is a for solution of the problem, but there are some institutions or enterprises begin to pay close attention to this matter, is studying the feasibility of the scheme.