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The new normal glass: reversed transmission transformation and self-adaptation

Glass industry is experiencing excess production capacity, product quality is uneven, caused the vicious competition of serious affect the healthy development of the traditional industry industry.

In 2014 the national flat glass low-end products accounted for more than 70%, profits fell 56.8%, most enterprises in a state of severe losses. Even so, the enterprise is still in increasing capacity, active in the glass industry production is difficult, because it is a high production cost, the other is the industry concentration is low.

Increasing backward flat glass production, is the important and effective way to dissolve excess capacity. Held in March this year's NPC meeting, the industry put forward the relevant departments should strictly on the basis of flat glass industry has some environmental protection, energy consumption, quality three criteria, for an "iron hand", let the air pollution emission standard, energy consumption per unit product not exceed limit, the product quality standard is not standard enterprise, production rectification within a time limit, the rectification is not qualified, firmly closed.

And in the face of the economic downturn, policy regulation, the external pressure, such as excess capacity, glass enterprises begin to implement reversed transmission mechanism, adjust the structure of products and marketing, science and technology innovation and cost control at the same time. Now glass enterprises to realize the speed of development is not pursue, development quality and competition ability is the first priority of the company. Companies consciously upgrade the product structure, should no longer be pure pursuit of scale, development model and way have won't work in the past.

As the future countries to vigorously promote energy-saving building, glass industry energy saving glass is the only way to production. The whole society is building takes up 30% of the energy consumption, building energy consumption is 50% of the loss through doors and Windows, and coating with low radiation energy saving glass and matching window frame, can save building heating, cooling, 70% of the energy required, if our country existing buildings are coated with low radiation glass and matching window frame, can reduce 10.5% of the energy consumption of the whole society, equivalent to a year to save one of the three gorges power station.

But the cost is higher than common glass of energy saving glass, low radiation coating energy-saving glass, for example, the price increase 50 yuan per square metre. For reasons of cost control, real estate developers tend to be more tend to use common glass. Rely on the energy-saving glass by glass industry marketing undoubtedly difficult, must rely on national policy to promote. Now the European and American countries utility ratio of energy saving glass has an average of 90%, while China's current is less than 10%. Building energy efficiency glass broad prospect in our country.

The new normal, new economic business philosophy and business rules, will certainly accelerate glass industry reshuffle, reversed transmission enterprises rely more on innovation to seeks the self-adaptation, changed.