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Glass bottles products need to adjust the industrial structure

Glass bottle is a very special product, in the developed countries, because of its high production cost, also need a lot of natural mineral resources, strict to the environment, and product price is not high, often choose to use money from the developing countries to buy, and some of the countries that have lagged behind for a bit, and do not necessarily have a large-scale production capacity, so a lot of domestic glass products production enterprises and trade company business is good, the state also attaches great importance to export tax rebates, class for the domestic industry's development has laid a certain foundation.

2012 years ago in a long period of time, due to the domestic and foreign glass bottle, glass bottle sales market, and all the way in just a few years' time, due to the recent phase of the crisis, the us economy shrank, the global economic downturn, many of domestic industries, economic exports are a big shock, estimates'll start policy in our country, encourage enterprises to product export channels, additional cut corporate taxes and other measures, in such an environment, a lot of domestic glass bottle factory the product structure adjustment is slow, production and sales can't timely coordination, after a long time will cause the product backlog, many adverse impact to the enterprise.

Glass bottle is due to the current economic environment, the glass bottle production enterprise's production and sales structure must show that the flexible and practical attitude, the order signed, digestive and keep supporting the production, the product research and development, product class, product processing and so on, more face always with its own enterprise characteristics to belong to own the market system.